Marguerite Hahn and Technology High need votes for a Brighter Future

Two of our local schools are vying for school grants and need the community's support via online voting.

One of the biggest struggles for schools, especially in California, is finding money for programs. Clorox, one of the most well-known brands around, is offering a wonderful grant program for schools called, 'Power a Bright Future'.

Through this program, schools have the opportunity to win a $25,000 or $50,000 grant.

Two of our local schools, Marguerite Hahn Elementary and Technology High have been nominated for the grant, but time is winding down and these schools need help!

Tamra Gifford, a member of the Hahn PTA has been working tirelessly to remind parents, friends, and members of the community to help out by voting each day.

The way it works is that Clorox will award a $50,000 grant to whichever school ranks #1 in voting after 4 weeks. Each school is categorized as Play, Create, or Explore. The top vote getters in each category will be awarded $25,000 as well. Then the judging panel will award an additional three schools, one in each category, a $25,000 judge's choice grant.

Currently Hahn sits around #52 and Tech High is ranked #116 out of the 2500 schools nominated across the US.

While having Hahn nominated was important for Tamra personally, with two children attending the school, she felt this is something the community should get behind each year.

"What I have said from the beginning and would love to see happen is that every year we select a school. This year it is Hahn and everyone votes for Hahn. Then the following year Evergreen submits and we all vote for them. It would be great to see the district pull together to win against bigger competitors. Plus this helps build some community involvement in our schools."

Voting goes through December 19 and anyone age 13 and over can vote once per day.

Technology High was nominated in the 'Create' category. Their goal is to fund a music program including a jazz ensemble. Even though Technology High has a focus on math and science, students also excel in athletics and music. A music program won't get started without some assistance.

To vote for Technology High you can Click Here. You will need to create a free account. You can also text the code '327pbf' to '95248' with standard message and data rates for your phone carrier applying without making an account.

Marguerite Hahn has been nominated in the 'Explore' category. Their goal is expand the technology options in the classroom including adding projectors in each class, expanding the computer lab, and putting iPads in the classroom to reduce paper and copier costs.

Principal Teresa Ruffoni mentioned how many diverse uses classrooms can get from iPads. They recently had access to a few and students used them for a variety of projects including filming short commercials.

"The possibilities are endless if we can just get the technology in the classroom," she said.

To vote for Marguerite Hahn Elementary you can Click Here. You will need to create a free account. You can also text the code '1124pbf' to '95248' with standard message and data rates for your phone carrier applying without making an account.

Schools need a lot of help from parents and the community. Many local residents continue to support students and the schools through fundraising efforts as they can. Grant opportunities like this one should be taken advantage of to help local schools provide the programs parents and students want and need yet can't always afford within the ever tightening budgets.

It only takes a moment a day to vote and the impact could easily last for many years to come. Make sure to share this with family and friends so our community can support the local schools!


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