City Working on New Online Permitting System

Says it will reduce errors and add transparency to building, engineering and planning permits


The city of Rohnert Park is working on a new online system that will make it easier to apply for a building, planning or engineering permit.

The system is called TRAKiT and is scheduled to be implemented by November, according to Eydie Tacata, an analyst with the city’ Engineering Department.

“It’s going to make so many processes faster, reduce errors, speed up the turnout around time and add transparency to the whole permit process, so people can see the status of their permit,” Tacata said.

As Rohnert Park prepares to put in TRAKit, many other city departments are realizing that they too can benefit from the new program, including business licenses and the fire department.

The cost of the system is $143,000, but only if there are no delays in the implementation. If there are any hiccups, the city will have to pay an additional $15,000.


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