Wednesday the 13th for Five Arrested in Rohnert Park

It was an unlucky day for five people charged with crimes. Arrests and citations do not indicate convictions.

Five arrests were reported in Rohnert Park yesterday, according to Public Safety office, two of them domestic violence and two public intoxication.

At just after midnight, 12:07 a.m., Bruce R. Hogan, 54, of Petaluma ,was arrested and booked on charges of public intoxication in the 1400 block of Southwest Blvd. There are several businesses including a liquor store at that address.

At 1:29 the same morning, police responded to Adrian Dr. following a report of cohabitant domestic violence. Noticing visible injury Michele L. Montgomery, 29, of Rohnert Park, was arrested and booked on a felony charge of domestic violence assault with injury. The injured party refused treatment.

Ten minutes later, in the 1900 block of Commerce Blvd., Jennifer A. Kidder of Rohnert Park, 44, was arrested and booked on misdemeanor  charges of public intoxication.

Twelve hours later, at 12:42 in the afternoon, Michael J. Broach of Santa Rosa, 26, was arrested and booked on misdemeanor charges of domestic violence against a spouse or ex-spouse on Redwood Dr. in Rohnert Park.

At 5:35 p.m., Michelle P. Pitcher, 19, of Forest Knolls (Marin Co.) was arrested near the intersection of Myrtle and Verdonda, and booked on felony charges of receiving known stolen property, and a vehicle code charge of driving with a suspended or revoked license.

Concerned Citizen March 15, 2013 at 07:34 PM
Good job...keep getting them off the street and helping it feel a little safer, there will always be someone else. Wish people could just act right.


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