Suspect in Forestville Triple Murder Arrested in Alabama

Mark William Cappello, 46, was arrested on Valentine's Day in Mobile, Ala., by Sheriff''s Office.

From Bay City News Service

A man suspected of killing three men in the Forestville area earlier this month has been arrested in Alabama, according to the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office.

Mark William Cappello, 46, was arrested on Valentine's Day at 3 p.m. in Mobile, Ala., by the Mobile County Sheriff's Office. On Feb. 5, the men were found dead in a cabin. They were waiting for someone who was going to a Sonoma County sheriff's lieutenant said.

"People associated with the victims said it was a pot deal gone bad. We believe the victims were associated with another involved party. The victims were the buyers," Lt. Dennis O'Leary said.

The sheriff's office has identified the victims as Richard Lewin, 46, of Huntington, N.Y., Raleigh Butler, 26, a former Petaluma resident who most recently was living in the Lake Tahoe area, and Todd Klarkowski, 42, of Boulder, Colo.

Butler's brother and Butler's brother's girlfriend, who called 911, found the bodies in the bedroom of a cabin on a property at 9707 Ross Station Road, O'Leary said. He said it's believed the shootings happened around noon.

Butler's brother told investigators he was expecting a call from his brother and became concerned and went to the home when he did not hear from him for four to six hours, O'Leary said. Butler's mother was renting a home on the property but was out of state when the murders occurred.

Sonoma County sheriff's detectives have been in Colorado for the past week collecting evidence and conducting interviews.

Cappello, who is a resident of Central City, Colo., is expected to be transferred to the Sonoma County jail. The Sonoma County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with information related to this investigation to call (707) 565-2185.

kal February 19, 2013 at 04:24 PM
About time they arrested someone, let this teach us something you can't trust anyone and abide by the laws in place. I still believe this could have been avoided if they wernt so greedy and willing to break the law. My message to all who grow is STOP BREAKING THE LAW!!!! Grow legal or stop!!
richie rich February 22, 2013 at 06:07 AM
Judging from how fast ANY update on this story was buried, it gives the appearance that the primary responders here have put their collective feet into their own mouths. Most certainly there's a hidden and/or personal agenda in play here; be it statistical crime data, drug task force funding, anti-gun or pot hating fanatics. Let's face it....we've got men traveling to CA from as far away as New York and Colo. to purchase pot from whom, a guy from Alabama? Would a more logical and reasonable scenario be that Mr. Cappello himself, was actually portraying one of the alleged 'buyers' in this ‘pot deal’ that obviously never transpired? Then, with either premeditation or an abrupt epiphany, decided the cash looked a whole lot better than any marijuana...especially with no witnesses. Would it not be more accurate to classify this crime as a 'robbery/murder' rather a fictitious pot deal...you know, one that never actually materialized gone bad? Innocent people are killed on our streets every day. Murder is murder, period. I've yet to recall an 'actual' drug related killing media report out of Oakland...or anywhere else screaming how a 'crack deal gone bad lead to 3 deaths'. Let the courts judge…not the sheriff’s department or the interest and causes they may be privately serving.


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