Did Cotati Police Overreact in Responding to Incident?

Cotati police are investigating a May 10 incident in which officers kicked down the front door of a home and Tased a woman after residents refused to let them in.  

That has raised questions about whether police overstepped their authority in responding to the home, located in the 7000 block of Marsh Way. The residents say police had no right to enter their home without a search warrant or their stated permission.
They also filmed the incident and have posted it on Youtube, which as of Tuesday evening has received more than 1,000 views.  

Watch the video here  

In a written statement, Cotati Police Chief Michael Parish said his officers were responding to a domestic disturbance at the home and that a criminal investigation is ongoing.  

He added that the department was conducting an administrative review of the incident to make sure all policies and procedures were followed.

Calls to Parish and Lt. Bill French, the department spokesman, for additional comment were not returned.
Peter Lake, LAKE Real Estate May 15, 2013 at 08:46 PM
Oh, please. What kind of beaurocratic toadyism is that? The Cotati officer didn't give "excellent video evidence" of anything. It was the violated homeowner who provided the video evidence of a an illegal and improper home invasion and assault by the Cotati thug police and it's that video evidence which will convict that officer of improperly using a Taser for no good reason. Courts have decided time and time again that Tasers are not to be used for "pain compliance" where there's no threat to the officers. But don't take my word for it. Watch the lawsuit and departmental discipline that's on its way to Cotati - express. Any attempt to defend the indefensible is not only futile but insulting.
laura bendixsen May 16, 2013 at 12:38 PM
I find this so sad, and after sharing my story on the youtube page, I was "deleted for too many negative votes". Talk about a "police state", more like censorship! Here's my personal story: 24 years ago I lay bloodied & close to death in the back room of our apartment when the cops came to our door due to a neighbors calling. My then boyfriend/attacker said through the door, "Oh sorry, officer, the TV was up pretty loud. We're fine & my girlfriend is asleep." The officers left and I almost died that night." Thankfully theres a law in place now & the officers were doing their job. Please rethink your reaction from a victims point of view, if you are reasonable enough to do so. The cops are not the bad guys! He should have just let them come in & check! What what he hiding or trying to prove? I was a victim of domestic abuse, for years, because the cops had their hands legally tied. I don't want to live in that era again. Let the police in, let them see everythings ok, then they'll leave. Please.... The police are not the bad guys here!
Peter Lake, LAKE Real Estate May 16, 2013 at 12:58 PM
Laura, Your sad story only illustrates the incomptence of the police investigating your assault. It's not proof that they're "not the bad guys." It's got nothing to do with good or bad. They acted inappropriately and I am assuming they and the town oif Cotati will be finding out just how inappropriate when they get suspended/fired an the town gets sued. And if both of those events don't happen then you really need to worry. You only need look to Washington now to see abuse of power in action. It can -- and does- happen at all levels and I hope you'll wake up and smell the pepper spray.
laura bendixsen May 16, 2013 at 05:49 PM
Really, Mr Lake? You hope I wake up to smell pepper spray because I feel the police have the right to enter a home to assist a domestic abuse victim?? Who raised you? Hitler?? Wow I hope you wake up to no more business due to your support of abusers! The only "incomptence" here is people like you thinking it's only ok if there is someone hurt. They don't know that until they investigate!! What makes my case any different??? Shame on you!
Peter Lake, LAKE Real Estate May 26, 2013 at 12:50 PM
Nice.....you wish ME ill because I expressed an opinion while you applaud excessive police force for no good reason. While you've patting your pals the cops on the back you'd do well to read the Fourth Amendment. And please don't send me any more anonymous hate mail through Trulia telling me my opinion might hurt my business.


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