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If you are a parent looking for a great way to help your child become more confident with the ball in their hands. Then we can highly recommend that you send them to a basketball camp. At camps, the NAofA or other camps, the players will spend time learning the individual skills that will help them to feel more comfortable with the ball in their hands, understand basic concepts and learn skills that will help them to be ready for their team.
When a child goes directly into league play, with very little practice, it can be overwhelming. The extra skill development is the best way to help them to succeed. These basketball programs are great for boys and girls. Players are grouped by age and ability to learn appropriate drills, skills, and techniques and teamwork in a positive and structured environment. In addition, children will have an opportunity to develop leadership skills and build self-esteem as they improve their technique. Emphasis will be on proper warm-ups, footwork drills, agility, passing, ball handling, shooting, defense and game strategies. 
The NAofA has had over 120,000 campers and features college athletes to teach and guide each camper. Feel good sending your kids to a basketball program that’s in a fun and safe environment with a motivating and positive coaching staff.
Perfect for boys & Girls ages 7-9 and 10-12.
when school is out... Fun is in:These camps are offered 9am - 3pm or 9am - noon (tuition is less than $7 per hour)
Here is the Winter schedule...
Phone 1.866.90.SPORT     Email  Info@NAofA.us


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