Talkin' Hooters

It's been five months since Hooters opened in Rohnert Park. Has your opinion changed of the restaurant?


The hoot heard around Rohnert Park took place on Jan. 30, when the popular restaurant chain Hooters - known for its, ahem, wings, and the ladies who serve them -- opened up shop in RP. 

Ever since Rohnert Park Patch , the pages of the Patch have been filled with colorful commentary both in favor of Hooters and not.

Recently, Hooters sponsored a local girls' T-ball team and one parent refused to let her child wear her normal jersey for team photos because she did not want a photo of her child wearing something with the visible Hooters name.

The restaurant makes no bones about the manner in which its female employees dress and has branded itself "delightfully tacky, yet unrefined."

Now that Hooters has been serving wings, cold beers and has given something more to gaze at than just sporting events for about five months, we put the question to the users of Rohnert Park Patch.

Have you visited the restaurant and if so, what is your impression?

Will you ever step foot in Hooters and if not, then why?

Did some of Rohnert Park's population make a big deal out of nothing?

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Graham Lower July 11, 2012 at 03:24 AM
Can you please specifically detail how it humiliates women. Yes, the name Hooters may be euphemism for breasts, and that breasts have sexual connotation. I don't think it inherently means that one (man or women) should be humiliated by it. And, given that you have likely not been in a Hooters, I am not sure that you or your husband is in an authoritative position to suggest if/how the environment may be degrading to women.
Graham Lower July 11, 2012 at 03:44 AM
Janette, without know specific circumstances, I don't think one can honestly say they made the choice; it is certainly possible that because of circumstance and lack of other options someone may have felt they had no other option. That being said, from my (albeit limited) experience, I would argue that it would be an isolated case, versus a systemic problem. I completely agree that one has the choice to patronize or not patronize, just like one had the choice to be judgmental and attempt to force their, possibly limited, view of the world upon others or not. And remember Janette, just because you think someone is a judgmental, small minded prude who seems to lack the basic empathy gene to make any attempt to see something from another's point of view, only you can choose how you respond, not how someone else does.
Graham Lower July 11, 2012 at 04:26 AM
I'm not sure the the suggested comparison between prostitution and working at Hooters is fair. There are numerous accounts from former prostitutes that document their feeling that the choice, if you wish to frame it as such, was between prostitution and serious harm and/or death. I think that one could find few, if any, cases where a man (yes, men do work at Hooters) or woman felt their pimp would kill them if they didn't put on the orange shorts. In making the comparison, however, I think you minimize the trails and horrors that some women experience as a prostitute, which I cannot support. I'm not sure how a pimp sodomizing his "whore" to exercise dominance and control, or other forms of degradation, has any relevance in a woman feels wearing clothes that do not obscure form. Furthermore, I think you trivialize the intelligence, beliefs and decisions that employees who do choose to work there make. I think you'd more genuine in calling them "idiots" directly (or, if you prefer I include your reply, "greedy idiots") then in the back handed way you do now.
Pat Comstock July 11, 2012 at 05:01 PM
"I do not intend on commenting on the patch any more...as I see by the overwhelming response I am not welcome." What overwhelming response are you referring to? You're not attempting to blame others, are you? I, and assumed others, usually enjoy reading your expressed "passion," and you have the same right to comment as anyone else. Yet it's not unreasonable for Patch to expect respectful comment, and to enforce its "Our Terms of Use" whenever any of us fail to be respectful of others. Specifically this portion: Acceptable Use While we encourage people to be honest and post what’s on their mind, communities thrive when people care about each other, and as such, Patch expects all of its users to be respectful of others. This means that whether you are being complimentary or critical, whether you are agreeing or disagreeing with the subject of an article or another user’s comment, you should act in a civil manner and refrain from personal attacks – after all, these are your neighbors. .
Janette Brown July 11, 2012 at 06:33 PM
Sally and Pam ....I said I was sorry....I really dont think you have beat me on the head enough already and unless you want me to bring a slander suit against you for public slander I suggest you just say ok...enough is enough and let it go... You know I never said people did not have the right to have an opinion its just I did not agree....and really are either of you so free of never making a mistake you are in a position to judge anyone? I really think I was abused here also . Now I suggest everyone get off my case. Even though I said I was sorry my opinions have not changed and you can not bully me into changing them ....I was sorry if what I said offended but at least I am honest. So again DROP IT or ms. Comstock and ms. Sally you will be hearing from my attorney. Got it !!!!!


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