A BFO is coming to the Songbird Community Healing Center

For the first time, a BFO will strike Cotati, and it’s expected to make a direct hit on the Songbird Community Healing Center. BFO stands for “Blinding Flash of the Obvious.” That’s what his students call Steven Campbell’s seminar titled “Making Your Mind Magnificent.”

Did you know that when someone is talking to you, you are talking to yourself three times faster, and that your brain believes and accepts everything you are saying? So when you say, “I can’t do that!” your brain simply agrees, and blocks out ways for you to do it. However…when you say “I CAN do that!” your brain agrees just as quickly, and actually looks for ways for you to do it.  In addition, all of this self-talk is not only recorded by our brains, it determines how we see ourselves (called our self-image). And…we do not have one self-image, we have tens of thousands, and they in turn determine how we much we can still learn, grow, and change.

Community Voice columnist and former professor, Steven Campbell, is now a  nationwide speaker and author of two college textbooks. His third on how our brain thinks and learns and grows, again…at any age is titled Making Your Mind Magnficent – Flourishing at Any Age. He teaches this seminar all over America, for it makes such perfect and easy sense that we recognize it in ourselves immediately! It will be presented at Songbird Communty Healing Center on Friday, January 17 from 7:30pm-9:00pm as part of their Songbird Friday Flock Night series at a suggested donation of $1 to $30.

 For further information, contact Jasmine Gold, Director at info@songbirdcenter.org, www.songbirdcenter.org, (707) 795-2398


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