What's Opening, What's Closing in Local Businesses?

Are you up to date with all of the things shifting around town? We are running down some of the changes taking place in the various shopping centers and surrounding areas.


You can't but help notice the construction taking place in assorted locations around town. The prospect of rain and cold weather has done little to slow down some of the changes going on in and around town.

The new Starbucks on Commerce Boulevard next to the Black Bear Dinner is getting closer to being finished. Patty, the manager of the Starbucks in the Park Plaza Centre (next to Safeway) said that the new store, "...will be open by the end of February."

The current staff and management team will be moving across the street to the new location and they are currently hiring additional staff. The new location is a bit larger and will have a drive-thru window which will require a few more employees than what they currently have.

Interested in working at Starbucks? You can apply online.

Sadly, when the new location opens, the store within Park Plaza will be closing. With a location within Safeway currently they will still be able to provide coffee for people who work and visit the Park Plaza shopping center.

As the shopping center enjoys two anchor stores with Safeway and CVS, there should be not much of a drop-off in overall business from them vacating the location.

On the other side of the freeway, quite a few people were surprised by the abrupt closure of Season's Pizzeria. It was just two weeks ago that employees came to work and found a sign on the door stating that the popular local spot was closed.

One waitress was shocked and the suddenness. "They didn't even call us or anything. I found out from the sign on the door."

Seasons had just opened their doors back in February of 2011, but at the time owner Glenn Cybulski wasn't sure how well the venture would do. There were concerns over various costs. At this time the phone for both Seasons and Clovers Sports Bar and Grill, Glenn's other business, have been disconnected.

The building itself has been vacated of his brick pizza oven as well as wall hangings and televisions. Currently there is a broker sign in the window.

While some businesses suddenly close, others are moving right in to open. Just down the street from Seasons, the space that used to house Beverly's Outlet is being renovated for a 99c Store. With a Dollar Store next to Walmart, does the city really need another store like that?

Well we will all find out at the end of January. The store is targeting a January 24 opening date and they are currently accepting applications. For more information you can visit them on their website. In essence is should provide the same type of convenience to those residents who prefer Target over Walmart as now both shopping centers will have a dollar-style store.

What about Chipotle's? The construction is just about done but it doesn't appear that they will be open in December as originally reported. Calls to the corporate office were unreturned and there is no store opening or hiring information for Rohnert Park on their website.

Last but not least, ground has been broken on the Casino and things are in full swing. For those who don't travel to the west side of town, it is rather startling to see the framework of this large structure already in place.

What are your thoughts on these changes about town? Tell us in the comments!


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Reginald "Rex" Henderson November 29, 2012 at 01:50 PM
Seasons at least put a sign on their door. Years ago, when Lyons closed, workers arrived to padlocked doors!
Ira Freed November 29, 2012 at 05:38 PM
Nick, Thank you for doing this story. As far as I can tell, nobody covers Rohnert Park business developments and news on a regular basis. I hope that you continue to report what's going on. The comments about stores closing with no advance notice to customers or even to employees highlight a common phenomenon among business people and property developers: they do not like publicity (other than their own advertising or planted stories.) Isn't it curious that the new Starbucks store on Commerce Blvd has been under construction for two months and yet there is no visible sign as to what is being built? It takes work for a journalist to find out what is going on. Journalists used to do this; they dug for news; now, they mostly just re-hash press releases. If you are interested in reporting business news and informing us about what is happening, I suggest that you walk the town and ask questions. There may be news there.
Debbie White December 01, 2012 at 03:19 AM
Does anyone have an update about the Pacific Market on Golf Course?
Nick Walden December 01, 2012 at 04:45 PM
Debbie, The only update is that nobody will say anything still. Workers moved out the fixtures and refrigeration units (units supposedly bought by Oliver's) which would imply that they store is being readied for a new tenant. However the workers would not comment on anything.
RC January 11, 2013 at 10:45 PM
Thank you for trying to keep us updated Nick. Happy New Year


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