Heads Up Local Parents!

One of the Campbell Patch Mom Squad Moms shares some details to the recent scary incident in Campbell Park.

Heads up local parents!

Today at Campbell Park during Baby Boot Camp (about 11am), a man was hiding behind the bushes on the steps near the basketball courts. He was calling out to the kids and trying to get them to come with him. But, from where us Moms were, we couldn't see anyone at all.

The kids were all running around playing right next to us while we exercised, as usual. Sometimes they started to wander a bit, but we kept our eyes on them and called them back when they did. My son, Joey is only 15 months old though, so he isn't the best listener. When he didn't listen to me calling him to come back, I took off running after him. I could tell he was watching someone or something and didn't see what it was until I caught up with him. By the time I scooped up my son, he was only about 6 feet away from this man! The man was very suprised to see me and basically froze in place. All kinds of internal alarm bells went off, so I grabbed my son and ran back to the group and told them all what was going on.

The instuctor of the group ran him off and I made a report with Campbell PD. They were very thorough in their questioning of me and I did the best I could to answer all their questions. They immediately sent officers to the scene to check around and said they will be patrolling the area more closely. The officer I spoke to was very kind and told me that if this (or anything similar) happens to call 911 immediately.

I am still shaken from this. We all think that it will never happen to us. We all think we are careful and cautious parents. We all think we know what we would do or how we would react in certain situations. But, I'm here to tell you otherwise. If you read the Mom Squad column at all, you know what kind of Mom I am. I am a good Mom, and a bad thing (almost) happened anyway. That's life. It's real and it can be scary. Please keep your eyes on your kids, follow that gut instinct we all have, and hug your kids a little more tonight and every night.

My sweet little boy is home safely sleeping in his bed, blissfully unaware of what (almost) happened today. I am forever changed because of this, and I do not wish this to happen to anyone else EVER.

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Bethany Curran October 19, 2012 at 04:11 AM
August, I can not thank you enough! As I said we all think we know how we will react, but reality is different. I always thought: "If that ever happened to one of my kids I'd..." but what really happened was much different. All I could do was to grab my son and run back to the group. I was in such shock that the reality of what just happened didn't even really hit me until we were leaving the park. Thank you so much for taking action, running him off, and getting a good description to the Campbell PD.
Bethany Curran October 19, 2012 at 04:15 AM
Thanks Lucy, Yes, I'm surprised as well, although I was contacted by KTVU (Channel 2) and the Baby Boot Camp instructor was contacted by another news channel, they chose not to pursue the story. KTVU wanted to do an interview with me, but before I even got to the location, the called to cancel. Instead the station decided to send the reporter to the Cupertino Apple store to cover the anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs. While I know that many people were probably interested in that story, I feel that they did a great disservice to area parents by not helping to get the story out there.
Marcia Parker October 21, 2012 at 06:50 AM
Bethany I wanted to thank you for sharing this with Mayra, our Campbell readers and the community.
MomSquad October 23, 2012 at 01:26 AM
Thanks, Marcia. It's still hard for me to talk about it without getting upset, but I know it's important to get the info out there. We even wrote on the subject of "Stranger Danger" this week on the Mom Squad: http://campbell.patch.com/articles/stranger-danger-552ac586
Bethany Curran October 23, 2012 at 04:07 AM
Just wanted to share what I posted in response to some comments on our Mom Squad Facebook page: "That was a very scary thing to go through, but I've been to Campbell Park many times with out incident before. I hope that people are just more aware and cautious and don't simply avoid the park. This really is a great park and I'd hate to see it thought of as a bad or scary place now. I think the best thing we can do is to take back our parks. If you see something going on or somebody questionable hanging around Campbell Park (or any park), please report it to the Police."


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