Where to Trick or Treat around Town?

Everyone wants their kids to not only have fun but also be safe on Halloween. Where should they go?


It can be scary being a parent. We have so many things to worry about. As fun as a night like Halloween is, there are also plenty of concerns about safety for our kids. Most people know their own immediate neighborhood, but what about just outside of that?

The Patch wants to help everyone stay safe.

Along with talking to your kids about stranger danger and reminding them about not going inside houses, cars, or into backyards, parents should also be aware of registered sex offenders in your area. As a parent you want to make sure kids know which doors not to knock on, especially if your family is trick-or-treating in a new neighborhood, with friends, or with a relative.

For residents of California, you can utilize the resources on the Megan's Law Website to help gain a better understanding of registered sex offenders in an area.

While there are only a handful of registered offenders in the area of Rohnert Park and Cotati it is always better to be safe than sorry.

For the most part in Rohnert Park the neighborhoods of D, E, and M section feature numerous well-lit and kid-friendly neighborhoods that surround Monte Vista and Evergreen Elementary schools. In Cotati the neighborhoods are Myrtle Avenue and Kotate Park are popular with good lighting and visibility. The schools and parks are good spots to park and walk from if you are coming from another area so you do not clog up the neighborhoods with traffic.

Click here for more tips on Halloween Safety.

Know of any great areas we missed? Make sure to tell us in the comments!


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Editor's Note: Ammended article changing Magnolia Park to Kotate Park.

Reginald "Rex" Henderson October 29, 2012 at 02:17 PM
Sounds like the author gives A Section, F Section and G Section 2 thumbs down. Are you giving us the clue that this is where the sex offenders live?
Suzanne October 29, 2012 at 07:45 PM
Just to clarify, Magnolia Park is in Rohnert Park, not Cotati.
Nick Walden October 30, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Thank you Suzanne, I had meant Kotate but mistakenly used Magnolia. No Rex, I am not giving any neighborhood a thumbs down but merely noting that the those 3 areas are popular due to lighting and people being accustomed to kids roaming the areas due to proximity of the elementary schools. G-section seems similarly nice as are other sections such as H and F near Hahn Elementary.


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