What are the Top Halloween Costumes of 2012?

After polling our local stores we should expect a lot of variety on Halloween around Rohnert Park and Cotati.


With billions of dollars being spent on Halloween costumes this year, it is always interesting to see what the trends end up being for kids, adults, and even pets as people dress up for All Hallows Eve.

Blockbuster movies typically inspire kids so with that in mind we can expect plenty of young boys becoming Avengers on that night. Bane and Batman will no doubt be running into each other on street corners while princesses walk around amongst 'those silly boys'.

A recent survey from the National Retail Federation provided more insight to the Top Halloween Costumes for 2012 showing that 10 percent of children plan to dress as a princess while we can expect six million adults to be some sort of witch.

Can I get a price check on that broom please?

Batman is the second most popular costume for kids and the Dark Knight and other characters from the franchise such as Bane and Catwoman are the fourth most popular option for the grown-up kids.

Around Rohnert Park and Cotati the costume wants of the community varies. Target was completely sold out of Monster High costumes for girls while the superhero section for boys was picked fairly clean. Walmart was having similar issues and an employee there also noted that Disney Princess costumes had disappeared in a flurry.

But while some adults and kids will dress up as movie characters, many will go for the old-standbys. Emily and Aidan Cooney are both going as pirates this year and mom Jenny Cooney said she and her husband have adopted the pirate theme as well. Savannah Auble and her friend Emma will both be going as the character 'Draculaura' from Monster High.

Plenty of other parents mentioned going with regular costumes like ghosts, vampires, and ninjas along with the always popular witch. With the success of the San Francisco Giants this year we can also expect to see plenty of Buster Posey's and I am sure a few Sergio Romo's parading around town.

Last year the Patch held our first original Halloween costume across the country and Heidi Klum picked the winner which was 'a headless boy' from New Jersey. We are running another Best Halloween Costume in America this year as well as a Best Pet Halloween Costume in Sonoma County (entries accepted until October 31)


Need some quick and easy ideas for Halloween costumes?


The full list from the National Retail Federation

Top Adult Costumes

Top Children’s Costumes

Top Pet Costumes

1. Witch

1. Princess

1. Pumpkin

2. Vampire

2. Batman

2. Devil

3. Pirate

3. Spiderman

3. Hot dog

4. Batman character

4. Witch

4. Cat

5. Zombie

5. Disney princess

5. Bee

6. Vixen

6. Action/super Hero

6(tie). Dog

7. Princess

7. Pirate

6(tie). Ghost

8(tie). Ghost

8. Vampire

7. Action/Super Hero

8(tie). Nurse

9. Zombie

8. Witch

9. Cat

10. Ghost

9. Bowties/Fancy Collars/Bandanas

10. Superman


10. Superman


What are you going to be for Halloween? Tell us in the comments!


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