Ready for Halloween?

Are your pets?

Have you decided what your dog is going to be for Halloween this year?  Can’t wait until the last minute to decide this – unless, of course, your dog is already comfortable being dressed up in articles of clothing.  This holiday is scary enough without freaking out your dog by attaching a cape and hat on her without time to get used to it.  If you want a dog dressed as a superhero or a rock star long enough to get a photo on Wednesday, you’d better start now with one piece of the costume at a time and a huge dish of pet treats to reward her tolerance.   If you are lucky, and start now, you might snap one picture of fido all dressed up before she rips it off.  Depends on who is quicker!

It’s amazing how big the business of costumes for pets has become – it’s so mainstream that even Target sells get-ups for dogs!  The choices are endless and include everything from weird grooming and dying of the fur to costume sets complete with accessories.  My friend even found a witches hat just the right size for her rat!  Everyone, it seems, is getting into the holiday spirit.

Halloween is not without it’s dangers though.  Top of the list is the mountain of candy that’s too easily accessible to curious canines.  Chocolate, in case you didn’t know, is toxic to dogs and cats.  The darker the chocolate and the smaller the dog the more dangerous it is.  Not to mention the sugar and caffeine – neither of which is that good for anyone.  Be sure to keep your stash of candy out of reach of your pets.  Not only the bags you’ve bought to give out but also the bags of goodies your children will come home with (and might want to hide under their bed).  Be sure they understand that this is one treat they can’t share with their pet.

The constant commotion at the door with the steady stream of trick or treaters over excites many dogs.  Don’t assume that your dog will recognize the scary zombie as the neighbor child he played with the day before.  To prevent an accidental nip or a pet darting out the door keep your pets locked safely in a back room during the busy time.  Cats should be brought safely indoors for the night – don’t want to risk your cat as the target of a “trick” or scared away by roving ghosts and goblins.

A few simple precautions and both you and your pets can really enjoy this fun holiday.  Have a safe one!

Upcoming Events: 

“Name Your Own Price” Adoption Special – through the month of October.  Good for all dogs, cats and rabbits.  All reasonable offers will be considered.  Come find your special friend just in time for the holidays and rescue a pet in need.  Who says you can’t buy love?  We have it at the animal shelter – on special this month!

Animal Talk – adult education workshops offered once a month on a variety of topics.  Next topic is Cat Handling with Laura Hazard.  Wed, Nov. 14, 6:30-8:00 p.m. Registration is $10; stop by the RP Animal Shelter to sign up.  For a full schedule go to: rpanimalshelter.org.

Alex Horvath October 21, 2012 at 05:14 PM
An array of animal costumes over at PetSmart, too. However, since our cats run and hide when the trick-or-treaters show up. it would be all for naught at my house...


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