Pets Can’t Vote

But Politics Affect Them Too

Animals can’t vote but the outcome of the election can sure affect them.  Not only in general as in terms of the economy (bad economic times means more animals surrendered to shelters), but also in terms of specific animal related laws and how our representatives vote on them.  For example the Standards for Confining Farm Animals initiative (Prop. 2) that passed in 2010.  Want to know how your Assembly Representative or Senator rates on a humane scale?  There is a Political Action Committee (a lobby) for animals called Paw-PAC that tracks the voting record of our representatives in office and makes that information public so you can take that into consideration when voting.

Paw-PAC is a nonpartisan, nonprofit political action committee dedicated to the passage of humane laws and election of humane legislators.  Check out their website at www.pawpac.org for a voting record chart of recent animal protection legislation and a list of who they endorse.  You can see exactly how a legislator that you might consider supporting voted on important animal protection laws.  You can also sign up through their website for action alerts so you can become involved in getting support for positive animal protection laws and or a veto for harmful legislation.

We certainly hope that everyone of age will turn out on Tuesday and vote and this might be one more piece of information that can help you form a decision based on criteria that is important to you.  There isn’t any initiative or legislation in the works at the moment that needs our attention so this is just about voting in representatives that will support the welfare of animals and the environment.  By donating and supporting PawPAC you help give animals a voice in our State Capital.  I hope you will consider it!

Upcoming Events: 

Animal Talk – adult education workshops offered once a month on a variety of topics.  Next one is Cat Handling with Laura Hazard.  Learn more about how to deal with behavior issues such as biting, litter box mishaps and more.  Wed, Nov. 14, 6:30-8:00 p.m. Registration is $10; stop by the RP Animal Shelter to sign up.  For a full schedule go to: rpanimalshelter.org.

Meet the Bunny - 2nd Saturday of each month (next one is Nov. 10), 1-5:30 at the shelter.  Meet our adorable adoptable rabbits, have your care questions answered by our knowledgeable volunteers, bring your bunny for a free nail trim, and shop our Bunny Boutique for fresh hay, fun toys and fabulous deals on supplies.


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