Hidden Gems - Washoe Creek Golf Course

Tucked away on the edge of Cotati is a fun little golf course

Just about everyone who lives in Rohnert Park is aware of the public course, , because it is so visible in the middle of town. But many people don't realize there is a second course on the outskirts of Cotati.

Built back in 2006, the course was closed for a brief period before re-opening in 2009 under the current owner and management team.

Like Foxtail, Washoe Creek has two courses. Unlike its nearby cousin, the courses are each nine holes with one executive course and one short game course. For those not familiar with the term, an executive course is much shorter than a normal course. Usually comprised of par-3s, it is designed for quicker play by the player with not a lot of time.

By the same token the short game course is designed with small par-3s to help people practice pitching and putting along with accuracy with the short irons. For both these courses you only need about four clubs and a putter to play.

At Washoe Creek both courses are par-3s and can played in an hour. One of the features at the course is unlimited play for only $15. That can be quite a deal for the avid golfer who wants to get some good practice in.

Bob Larsen, who together owns the course with his wife Alice, "always dreamed to have a golf course one day," he said. His goal has been to have affordable golf in a fun environment. To that end Washoe Creek has fun little events like nighttime golf tournaments. Using battery powered balls and glow stick necklaces, players get a chance for golf at night with a course lit by tiki lamps and greens with place lights.

"Night golf is just so different and is a really good time as long as you don't take it too seriously," said Amy Larsen, a manager at Washoe. The next night event will be on August 20th.

Along with the night tournaments by the light of the full moon, they also hold day tournaments and junior events.

Washoe Creek is a TGA Premier Junior Golf school site which teaches golf to kids from kindergarten to 8th grade. They hold camps and clinics to help the young golfers practice on a course that is much easier to learn on than a full size course.

Aside for providing golf at a great price for the local community, Washoe Creek is also an active part of Cotati. They have participated in sponsoring local events such as the Cotati Jazz Festival and the Cotati Kids Day Parade.

"Being part of the community is more than just running a business," Larsen said.

So if you are looking for some quick golf, a fun place to learn, or just to practice on your short game Washoe Creek is a great course and a true hidden gem of the community.

For more information about Washoe Creek visit them on their Facebook page.  

Dan Parry April 23, 2012 at 11:23 PM
My friends and I have played Washoe Creek. Night golf is a great time and golfing in the sun is relaxing. A great way to keep up on your game. Wonderful people running the facility and a beautiful landscape tucked into the hills. Definately a recommended stop for the stagecoach driver.
big bad bob September 03, 2012 at 05:18 PM
This place is a DUMP !!!! It is not a "golf course", it is a cow pasture with a few gopher holes... No tee boxes, no distance markers, what they call greens is just a green patch of grass....If you call this place a golf course, then I would quite golf today. The "club house" is nothing more than a metal building with a few card tables and a tv. The reason you probably have not heard of this place, is because no one wants to play here. At one time there could of been a golf course here, but even new, the word golf course was used loosely. You have now been warned, so you be the judge.....


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