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Chuni Anello April 23, 2014 at 09:23 AM
I can be contacted and will send the documents if somebody has an interest in reviewing them,Read Moreinclud ing HOA's Attorney letter and all the mail exchanges with HOA about my plants, going on since January of 2013, just 2 months after the new HOA Board ousted the former HOA Board.
Doug Strickland April 22, 2014 at 09:54 AM
"Rohnert Park will no longer be a gem in the heart of wine country..." Please explain to Read Moreme when Rohnert Park was a gem of ANYthing?
Sandy Murphey April 22, 2014 at 10:34 AM
For those of us who live in, and love living in Rohnert Park, it's a "gem" to us. IRead Morethink these predictions are "fear based". The casino can't provide all the various products and services that residents and visitors will want. I know people who prefer to stay in hotels, eat at local restaurants, and shop in the variety of stores that RPk, offers. There were cash checking and massage businesses prior to the casino. These really aren't "bad" businesses. They serve a purpose. I get a massage once a month. We've seen one casino related crime in 2 months; what about all the other crimes that are unrelated to the casino? What can be blamed for that? I think that "texting" while driving is a very serious crime, and I wish it had a $500 penalty. Do you text while you drive, yet view the casino as a potential for criminal activity? Look at your RPk residents as they drive and text. I think "criminal activity" is here with us, and has been before the casino opened. Look at the "police bloter" and see for yourself, the reports of criminal activity in RPk. Did you know that a woman was hit by a truck while walking her dog, and then hit again, before the driver sped away? Was this prompted by casino activity? Hopefully, the driver will be found, and prosecuted. The best thing we can do is continue to support our local small businesses. We outnumber the visitors, so if they go out of business, we can look at our own actions, and ask if we supported them when we had a chance. It's always easiest to look outside ourselves and blame others, until our actions smack us in the face with the realization that we could have taken more responsiibility, and blamed others less.
Doug Strickland April 23, 2014 at 09:55 AM
At best, RP is a "gem" of a bedroom community, and has been for the 35+ years I haveRead Morelived here, and even going back to the early 1960's, when I visited my grandmother here - a Dorm mother for the newly opened SSU. And we agree about there already being "bad businesses" here long before the casino. (the rest of your comments are a bit meandering...) Historically RP residents have done a terrible job of supporting local businesses, just look at places like Pacific Market, the minor league baseball team(s), Sizzler, Costco #1 (Where the Theater was built), etc. Also, RP has gotten smaller - shrunk a couple 1000's of people over the past decade. Why? Older people are leaving (down 10%), likely driven away by the rising cost of living here, and commuters are taking their place. There are fewer and fewer families, hence school closings... and the only jobs available here are service-based and other low paying jobs. So no, RP is not a "Gem" by any standards. The only people staying in hotels either A) can't find a room in Santa Rosa, or 2) Are awaiting a meth/pot deal to go down in RP, or III) Indigent and living at our version of a Sec. 8/homeless shelter/Rodeway Motel.